LKEF is looking for financial support for the historical marker dedicated to Louis Kahn

Shortly, the historical marker dedicated to Louis Kahn will be opened in the Kuressaare castle’s park on May 5th, at 2 p.m.

The event is a part of the 100th-anniversary program of Estonian-US diplomatic relations.

A high-level delegation from the state of Pennsylvania, led by Nancy Moses, will arrive.

At times like these, we desperately need the wisdom and guidance of great personalities.

Louis Kahn was definitely one of those people.  Besides, even more so we may regard him as our own –both in the USA and Estonia. 


The exhibition of ETH Zürich “Silence and Light”

ETH Zürich has agreed to send their original exhibition “Silence and LIght” to Estonia. It consists of Kahn’s historical lecture notes, including 14 stands and 5 photos.

At first the exhibition will be opened in Kuressaare in spring and we would like to bring it to TalTech in autumn.

ETH Zürich won’t charge for the exhibition – the only cost is related with production.

Cost: 4894 €

2. Gala reception for event guests

It is the VIP- reception in the evening for approximately 100 people. 

Cost: 5316 €

Our aim is to raise 10210 euros in total.

We offer a substantial program in Saaremaa and naturally, all our supporters will be mentioned as partners in the event and marketing materials.

The event will be held in cooperation with the US Embassy, the Norwegian Embassy, TalTech, Saaremaa Municipality, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. 

If you are willing to donate, please do contact Ott Rätsep on