EasySmoke (Vape Group OÜ)

CHARTER GOLD MEMBER Industry: Consumer Goods & Services

EasySmoke is not just a vape shop, but a gateway to a safer nicotine consumption experience. We have stood for a tobacco-free lifestyle since 2008 and with the rapidly growing market of alternative nicotine products, we can offer the most effective and user-friendly ways to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Today it is known that electronic cigarette use is at least 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. EasySmoke sales reps are former smokers and can offer the best advice and product for every smoker, struggling to quit or switch to a less harmful alternative.

EasySmoke shops atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to everyone looking for a product or just advice on what would work best for them. It is clear that smoking is in the past and for peers that are not able to just quit, there is a range of alternative products to switch and have an easier exit afterward. These include electronic cigarettes, nicotine pouches (snus), heat-not-burn products, and many others.

EasySmoke offers the biggest selection of tobacco harm reduction products in Estonia at friendly prices. Advice is always free as our main goal has always been a tobacco-free life for every Estonian. Smoking is the top-most burden on EHIF (Estonian Health Insurance Fund) as it causes many respiratory and immune system-related problems both seasonally and in long term.

EasySmoke has 24 specialized shops and over 400 retail spots in Estonia and plans on rapid growth constantly.

EasySmoke – There are 100 ways to quit smoking and we have 99 of them.