CORPORATE MEMBER Industry: Information Technology

Vaimo is your full-service strategic omni-channel partner driving success in digital commerce for B2C and B2B brands across the globe. Our key focus is to help brands, retailers and manufacturers all over the world to grow and boost sales with award-winning digital storefronts, omni-channel solutions and mobile apps. As a global partner of omni-channel and eCommerce solutions, we can guide you throughout your commerce journey to help you realise your full business potential.

As a strategic partner, our strength lies in being able to provide analysis, advice and other business development. As a technical expert, our power lies in our platform, knowledge base and broad experience. We work in all areas directly or indirectly related to eCommerce. At the heart of our offer is the Magento platform, the engine of all digital touchpoints, that creates an omni-channel solution — a seamless shopping experience no matter where, when or how the customer chooses to shop.