Mid-Year Message from The Chamber President and CEO

As we are getting close to the mid-summer holidays, it is time to reflect on the first half of the year, all the events and activities we have held, and the unprecedented times we had to get through during the last couple of months.
We would like to start with a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you! Thank you for staying with us, for your commitment to the organization, your energy, thoughts and ideas. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have held over 10 online events and have been in touch with almost every single member of the chamber and even though it is a difficult time for everyone, we felt your positive energy, your optimism and commitment to making this year a success despite all the turbulence. And we are here for you to help you in every way we can!
During the last few weeks, we have been sending a lot of materials regarding our online annual general meeting this year, the new procedures and submitting your votes to approve the Annual Report 2019 and elect 4 new members for the AmCham Board for 2020-2022. We are delighted to announce that thanks to your active participation, we have been able to reach the 50% quorum and have collected a record number of votes from you – 75 members have cast their votes. Thank you for your time and commitment!
Based on your votes, the Annual Report 2019 has been successfully approved and the following board members have been elected to the board:

  1. Kai Tammist
  2. Niels Hollender
  3. Hannes Reinula
  4. Megan Riley

Congratulations to the elected board directors and a huge thank you to all 6 candidates who have been nominated! It was a very close call..

As we go into the second half of the year, we remain hopeful, that the worst times are now behind and we can return to our regular meetings and events starting mid-August. We are currently preparing a very active and exciting event season for you and will be announcing our activity calendar for August- December 2020 shortly.

We wish you a very peaceful and safe vacation season with your family and friends! Please stay healthy and safe, re-energize and take good care of yourselves. We cannot wait to see you soon!

Yours truly,

Indrek Laul, AmCham President 
Daria Sivovol, AmCham CEO