AmCham Premium Partners 2024 meeting for the biannual strategy discussion

On March 5, AmCham Premium Partners met for the biannual strategy meeting and lunch to discuss the chamber’s priorities for 2024, topics for further discussion with general membership and potential partnerships. A big thank you to Alex Saklambanakis, Jason Nelsen, Ivo Vaks, Hanno Püttsepp, Kadi Lubi, PhD, Christa Torm, Megan, Carl Pucci, Daria Sivovol and Niels Hollender for a very visionary conversation, insights and great ideas!

Premium Partners are the highest contributors to our organization and we are proud to have these 8 dedicated companies at the table: The Coca-Cola Company, Raytheon Technologies, Microsoft, Google, AS Datel, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Amazon Web Services (AWS)