Christa Torm Elected Chairwoman of Digital Society Committee

June 7, 2024 — At today’s Q2 Digital Society Committee meeting, Christa Torm was elected as the Chairwoman. Torm, currently serving as the AI and Digital Policy Manager for AWS in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, is known for her extensive expertise in digital transformation and her commitment to leveraging technology for societal benefits. She will lead the committee in navigating the complexities of our rapidly evolving digital landscape.

With a robust background in digital policy and innovation, Christa has consistently championed initiatives that bridge the digital divide, enhance cybersecurity, and promote digital literacy. Her election as Chairwoman is a testament to her unwavering dedication to fostering a more inclusive and technologically advanced society.

“I am deeply honored to take on this role and work alongside such a talented and passionate group of individuals, Christa said. “Together, we will strive to create a digital environment that is secure, accessible, and beneficial for all members of our community in Estonia, the Baltics and hopefully, beyond.”


The Digital Society Committee, a key player in shaping digital policies and strategies, anticipates that Christa’s leadership will bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the forefront. Her vision includes bolstering the committee’s efforts in advancing Estonia’s role as a frontrunner, supporting sustainable technological growth, and ensuring that digital advancements are aligned with societal needs and ethical standards.

About the Digital Society Committee
The Digital Society Committee of AmCham Estonia is dedicated to the development and implementation of policies and initiatives that promote the equitable and innovative use of digital technologies. The committee works to ensure that digital transformation contributes positively to society, fostering an environment of growth, security, and inclusivity.