April 23, 2020 | ‒

On April 23, we held the second LIVE stream webinar in cooperation with the HBR Press Review and Tatarklubben. This time the topic had a problem-solving focus.

The coronavirus has turned everyone into problem-solvers, at work, and at home. But are you and your people solving the right problems? According to Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, author of the just-published book “What’s Your Problem?” from Harvard Business Review Press, 85% of companies say their people too often jump into solution mode. As a consequence, we waste our much-needed energy on the wrong things.

The answer is reframing. In his seminal book and the session that took place, Thomas shared a method for solving the right problems that he has honed through his work with clients such as Cisco, Microsoft, Citigroup, and The Wall Street Journal. Crucially, the method can be used quickly – an imperative for the present moment, as nobody has time to waste.

The recorded video of the session is available HERE

Thank you for joining and until next time!