POSTPONED! AmCham Sustainability Workshop: Environmental Footprint

October 19, 2022 | 09:00 ‒ 10:30


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AmCham Estonia sustainability working group invites all members and partners to the workshop dedicated to environmental footprint reduction strategies.

Climate change is one of the most complex and burning topics faced by the world today. As part of the climate change topic, we have several contributors/ pillars such as GHG emissions, availability, and quality of water resources, packaging and its circularity, renewable fuels, and energy.

These topics put us to question, how big is my impact? How can I measure and monitor this? What are the most relevant measures/ actions I can take?

They are topics of high priority for many businesses around the world not because it is fancy, but because there is no other option anymore.

Hele Talur, the Head of Environment in Coca-Cola HBC will share insights on how to create and proceed with comprehensive environmental footprint reduction strategies nevertheless if you are a small business in Estonia or a global company. There is no Planet B, it’s the single one we have, therefore requiring all our efforts and a common understanding of how to proceed sustainably.

Siim Vahtrus, Senior Associate at law firm COBALT will share his knowledege and experience with the way rules and regulations may require, incentivise or even support monitoring of environmental footprint at company level in Estonia and Europe.

The hybrid event will take place offline in the Coca-Cola HBC Eesti office, Tammsaare tee 92, Tallinn, as well online. And will be moderated by Mervet Kägu, COBALT law firm.

About Hele Talur:

Hele is the Head of Environment in Coca-Cola HBC, Europe’s no 1 sustainable beverage producer according to the Dow Jones Index. Starting 2021 Hele is responsible for Coca-Cola HBC’s environmental strategy NetZeroby2040 development and execution.

About Siim Vahtrus:

Siim is a Senior Associate at COBALT, a leading law firm in the Baltics. Siim specializes in environmental and energy law matters, including the „E“ in ESG, sustainable financing requirements as well as regulatory and compliance issues ranging from environmental permits to nature conservation. 

This is a hybrid event! You can choose whether you would like to attend online or offline in Coca-Cola HBC Tallinn office, Mauruse maja, Tammsaare tee 92, Tallinn. 


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