AmChams in Europe: Business and Global Impact of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

March 10, 2022 | 16:00 ‒ 17:00

On March 11, over 600 participants from Amchams in Europe gathered for an online discussion on the Business and Global Impact of the Ukraine-Russia crisis. The meeting was led by Ms. Susan Danger, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) and the Chairwoman of the AmChams in Europe Association.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Andy Hunder, President of AmCham Ukraine who gave an overview of the situation in Ukraine. He started by thanking everyone who has helped Ukraine during the crisis.  He also said that their office has been relocated to Amcham Slovakia and his team members are dispersed among different countries in Europe. Most of their employees have already crossed the border and those who are still staying in Ukraine are being helped and they are doing everything they can to save them.

Mr. Tony Housh, Chairman of AmCham Poland said that Poland is actively helping all refugees, the government has made quick changes to their policies and all the refugees get to stay up to 18 months and get access to all the services: work, healthcare, personal ID and etc.

Everyone said that it’s really important to help all the companies that need to relocate from Ukraine or Russia, to show that the EU is open for business and is willing to help. Most of the countries have changed their border rules and all the refugees can come easily and build their life in a new country during these difficult times in their home country. There is no need for a passport or ID, nor any COVID certificate.

The biggest message of the meeting was that it’s important to help, speak with your members about their possibilities, find options to donate, and help people in need. It was really great to get together and see that we are all working on the same mission.

Thank you to Andy Hunder and Susan Danger for organizing this important meeting among the AmChams and its members all over united Europe.

You can access the recording HERE.