Doing Business in the USA: Masterclass

January 28, 2022 | 14:00 ‒ 16:00

On January 28, AmCham Estonia together with the Blue Link Worldwide, held its virtual masterclass devoted to the topic “Doing Business in the USA”. This 2 hour session has featured several aspects of the topic: Research and Strategy, Implementation Planning and Going Operational, as well as Lessons Learned.

We got a chance to hear from the European Director of the State of Indiana Jan Wiedemann, the Group Director of the U.S. Tax & Financial Services Nora Rothrock, the Principal of the Blue Link Worldwide Frank Levene.

From the Estonian side, the following speakers presented their knowledge and expertise:

  1. Kaido Künnapas, Partner, Sorainen Law Firm
  2. Oleg Schvaikovsky sharing the Nortal experience in the USA
  3. Meelis Anton sharing the Cleveron experience when it comes to working with the U.S. Partners
  4. Carl Pucci sharing his perspective on taking Estonian companies to the US and things to keep in mind

The event was opened by AmCham President Dr. Indrek Laul and moderated by Frank Levene. The full recording of the event is available on our YouTube Channel. All participants are welcome to reach out to us for any one-on-one follow up meetings or call with the masterclass presenters.