Healthcare Committee Meeting with Rain Laane, Haigekassa

February 16, 2022 | 11:00 ‒ 12:00

On February 16,  AmCham Healthcare Committee members had a chance to meet with the Chairman of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (now Tervisekassa!!!) Rain Laane.

Rain started the meeting by sharing his 20 slides: “2022 Score Card”

  1. The importance of vaccination and the 3rd dose
  2. Promoting healthy life style
  3. Improving the situation in school around Estonia when it comes to on site nurses
  4. Regular prevention screenings (this year also including lung cancer screening)
  5. Engaging with health promoters in smaller municipalities all around Estonia and active health centers
  6. Satisfactions system for patients
  7. Mental health issue
  8. Orthodontics series for children at the teenage stage
  9. Quality indication for GPs and health centers
  10. Vaccine damage fund (active as of May 1). Reimbursements starting from €1,000 and up to €100,000
  11. The importance of health data, its proper usage and creating the new generation data system alongside the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
  12. Updates to and its features when it comes to healthcare
  13. Digitalizing pharmacy systems inside the hospitals that it would be easier for the patient to get their medicine
  14. Health Data System update: able to share the information if person allows
  15. Access to all the services regardless where you are located (blood tests, virtual doctor meetings, etc)
  16. Etc.

This presentation was followed by an active Q&A session where the meeting participants raised questions like

  • Healthcare Funding in Estonia
  • Lung Cancer screening and Bundle Payment
  • Healthcare Data usage (transfer from pdf format to machine-readable format) and data confidentiality issue
  • Value-based Healthcare
  • Etc.

The meeting ended with Rain highlight one topic that is very important but that we did not have a chance to touch upon – “State Reform of the Estonian Healthcare” and invited to meet again to revisit this topic and other topics later in the year.

A big thank you to Rain and the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (Tervisekassa) for the ongoing cooperation!