MARCH 21: Fireside Chat with Gabrielle Cowan

March 21, 2024 | 17:30 ‒ 19:00

On March 21, we met for another cozy fireside chat, this time with Gabrielle Cowan, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy Tallinn, Estonia. The discussion was expertly moderated by Megan Riley, President of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and founder of MLR Strategies while Vixen Vinoteek provided a perfect ambiance and Jennifer Mitchell introduced the delicious Californian sparkling wines featured specially for this event.
Gabrielle Cowan shared insights from her extensive diplomatic career. With over 20 years in the Foreign Service, Ms. Cowan’s experience spans various regions, including assignments in Tbilisi, Singapore, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has worked on diverse issues, from African counterterrorism to Security Council matters concerning Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic.
Overall, the event provided an inspiring glimpse into the life path of a career diplomat and a remarkable woman who dedicated her life and career to diplomacy and international relations.

Thank you to everyone for coming, and we hope you found inspiration in Ms. Cowan’s remarkable journey and insights.