Nominate the one who inpired you for our first annual Pamela Luise Dream Lifter Prize to be given out at the Latitude59 awards this May with the fantastic award of 1,000EUR from Pamela’s EO59, a Hilton spa retreat, and a series of executive coaching sessions!


Dear AmCham Community:

This has been our year of values-based thought leadership as we’ve engaged in a record number of Women – In – Leadership events and recently defined, and propogated core values throughout the organization.

In that light, we are excited that at the inspiration of Carl Pucci, our Vice President and longtime board member, we are launching the Pamela Luise Dream Lifter Prize.

This first annual prize honors the legacy of Pamela Luise, an everyday hero who inspired, fostered, championed and raised the ambitions of countless people in her community from the United States to Estonia.

This values focused prize criteria gives you the chance to nominate and recognize that unsung hero in your workplace. With a focus on empowering the women that have empowered their Estonian community we aim to lift those who lift us!

Our selection committee includes two American professionals, Kimberlyn McDonald, from the University of Virginia and Laura Ortiz, from ABB who worked alongside Pamela as well as two remarkable Estonian women: Kriss Eglite, of New Vintage by Kriss and Kristi Pärn-Valdoja, the Publisher and Editor of Säde Magazine.

We are proud to partner with Latitude59Estonia’s premier tech summit, to recognize the winner at their award ceremony with more than 3,000 participants from 65 countries. There is no better venue in Estonia to capture the global impact of Dream Lifters than Latitude59.

Please, nominate your Dream Lifter today and lift them as they lifted you! Nominations close April 15th.