AmCham Board Elects the Executive Committee

Following the Annual General Meeting 2022 on May 5, when the new 4 members were elected to the AmCham Board, the members of the management board gathered for the meeting to elect the members of the Executive Committee: President, Vice-President and Treasurer.

These 3 positions within the board have additional responsibilities and the Executive Committee works closely with the chamber CEO Daria Sivovol while being more involved in the chamber operations (events, financial management, etc.)

The board has nominated and approved the following members of the Executive Committee:

  • AmCham President (term 2022-2023)- Indrek Laul, Estonia Piano Factory
  • AmCham Vice President (term 2022-2024)- Megan Riley, MLR Strategies
  • AmCham Treasurer (term 2022-2024)- Michael Burich, Synctuition



Congratulations to the Executive Team!!