Guided by Common Values for a Stronger Tomorrow

In a world marked by diverse perspectives and complex challenges, the American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia (AmCham) needs to stand as a beacon of unity and progress. Therefore, it is utmost important that we agree on what we stand for.

At our board, we have recently discussed and commonly agreed that we should embrace and uphold the three foundational values. Because our values are the compass that need to guide our organization towards a better future. These values, while aspirational, need to be also practical – they need to drive our decision-making, shape our external communication, and align our actions to create a lasting positive impact on Estonian society. We need to make sure that each our choice and action reflects the principles that we hold dear. In our external communication, these values not only define our organization but also shape how we interact with our partners, members, and the community at large. Eventually, our mission, purpose, and vision are guided by these values, ensuring that they resonate with the diverse needs of our members and the broader Estonian society.

Our Core Values:

Embrace and celebrate inclusive diversity, fostering an environment where every individual’s unique background, perspective, and identity are respected and valued. 

Advocate for effective private-public partnerships, to harness the strengths of both sectors, delivering innovation, improved public services and infrastructure, for the benefit of both parties and society in general. 

Champion economic growth and prosperity, through responsible policies that create opportunities for businesses, stimulate job creation, transatlantic trade and enhance the overall well-being of Estonian citizens.

In conclusion, these values need to be the backbone of our daily work. From our decision-making processes to our communication strategies, event organization, public statements, and every action we take, these values need to serve as our guiding light. So, we encourage all our members, to walk that talk, embrace and embed those values into our everyday lives.

Hanno Püttsepp, 

On behalf of AmCham Estonia Board