“The Atlantic” – A Private Club by AmCham Estonia will launch in November 2023

In November 2023, AmCham Estonia will launch the new platform for companies who are doing business in or with the United States or those who aspire to explore this market for their business expansion.


The aim of this private club is to bring together all relevant players when it comes to “Access USA” strategy and transatlantic business: established and already successful Estonian companies, operating in the U.S., who can advise and share best practices, as well as those seeking advice and inspiration, topped with the experts who can help both segments.


      • AmCham Existing Members

      • Estonian companies active in the USA or planning to expand (upon invitation)

      • American & Estonian Consultancy firms, law firms, ED agencies in the USA


        • Closed group on LinkedIn (closed group for club members only) for information exchange, event invitations, special announcements

        • Special monthly newsletters with relevant information from various parties and stakeholders (updates form MFA on the visits, updates from EAS, articles and tips from law firms and consultancies in the USA, etc.) 

        • Regular networking get-togethers (Fall-Winter-Spring) with a guest speaker each time to share best practices, or useful contact introduction, etc. These mixers could be also a great networking opportunity to rub shoulders with companies and leaders who are facing the same challenges in the USA and could share their advice, contacts


      HOW TO JOIN:

      All active members of AmCham are eligible for an automatic, free of charge membership in THE ATLANTIC CLUB.

      None members can apply with the AmCham office at amcham@amcham

      AmCham team will evaluate each application carefully and will respond within 5 business days.