2023 Recap and Message from the President

 Dear AmCham Members: 

I’d like to take the opportunity to reflect on the incredible, productive year we have had at AmCham Estonia. In addition to our always successful signature events, such as the Annual Lunch with the Prime Minister, the chamber has tackled many important topics.

Our committees and working groups (Public Policy, Healthcare, Digital Society, Talent & Education, Sustainability & ESG) have remained healthy, active, and engaged. These committees continue, year after year, to push for meaningful, positive impact through policy papers, conferences, and numerous speaker events. 
Moreover, we have continued to strengthen regional ties, by reenforcing our close connection with our colleagues at AmCham Finland, the Pan-Baltic Chambers, and across Europe through the ACE organization. In these times of global uncertainty, we stand more united than ever. 
At AmCham Estonia, we also recognize when it’s time to evolve and grow. We have committed to a core set of values that represent what we stand for: to embrace and celebrate inclusive diversity; to advocate for effective public-private partnerships; to champion economic growth and prosperity. These values make it clear for prospective members and partners who we are and what can be expected from our chamber. 
I am so proud to represent this organization, and proud of the year we have had. Of course, like all great achievements, it was a team effort. None of it would have been possible without our incredible members, who deserve a heartfelt thank you for the continued engagement and contribution to pushing these important topics forward year after year. Thanks to our AmCham Board for being proactive, inspiring, and a lot of fun to work with.
And finally, a very special thank you to our wonderful team of Daria Sivovol, CEO, and Tiina Rüütel for all they do. 

With warmest wishes, 

Megan Riley
President,AmCham Estonia  


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